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Print Your Own Paper Bags With A Custom-Made Rubber Stamp.

Stamps Plus’ Brand New Stamp Technology For Paper Bag Printing

Flash Stamp Press

Paper Bags After Ditching The Plastic.

It seems almost like a lifetime ago since we moved to rid ourselves of the scourge of plastic bags. This bold move however, also provided a few challenges to merchants of both consumable items and of food products. These challenges are in most part, the fact that paper bags are easy and economical to buy, but to print them is not easy: For a merchant to find economies of scale in having their paper bags pre-printed, one has to buy large quantities at a time. This can tie up working capital that could otherwise be used in other areas of the business. Also, the wait periods to receive a consignment of pre-printed paper bags can be considerable. This can be solved with Stamps Plus’ brand new stamp technology for paper bag printing.

How Can Stamp Plus Provide A Paper Bag Printing Solution?

Rubber stamps have been around for a really long time. They are in essence a small printing mechanism, with some being of the traditional style and others of the self-inking or pre-inked ranges. There are also a range of sizes and applications ranging from little plastic ones, to large steel reinforced ones. Below a sample of the largest of the heavy duty self-inking, steel reinforced & a little plastic rubber stamp. (Not to scale)

Stamp Types
Bigger isn’t always better, particularly when it comes to the self-inking steel reinforced rubber stamp. To explain; the largest of this variety of rubber stamp has a text plate measurement of 116 x 70mm and that is pretty big! But we have seen problems with proper image transfer on these machines, because the tooling is bulky and it doesn’t behave the way a self-inking stamp ought to. This very dilemma of finding the best solution for a person seeking a large image transfer is what set us off searching across the world. And we found one!

How Can Stamps Plus’ Flash Stamp Technology Help?

Flash Stamp Blog Image

Introducing The Premier Range Of Flash Stamps.

Stamps Plus’ Brand New Stamp Technology For Paper Bags

Proudly, we are the only rubber stamp making company in New Zealand that has this particular brand of amazing technology.

Sizing And Colour Options.

Model Size Color Options
E700 100 x 75mm Black Or Blue
E750 130 x 45mm Black Or Blue
E800 130 x 95mm Black Or Blue

How Do You Get Yours?

The simplest and quickest process is for you to click products below, which will take you directly to the ordering page online. If you are unsure, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

How Else Can We Help You?

If you have not engaged the services of a qualified graphic designer and feel reasonably confident, please click on the link here regarding artwork required.

If you have neither access to a graphic designer nor the ability to help yourself, please contact us for a quote in design. Contact Us

We have a range of other marking and branding products, please use the menu at the top of the page to navigate to the page of any other item of interest.

Quick Note

These Shiny Premier Flash Stamps are for a specific purpose. If you need to print more than (say) a hundred paper bags per day, it might be better for you to consider instead bulk purchasing through an offset printer. These stamps are ideal for the smaller business operator.

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Pocket-sized personal rubber stamp

Easier contact tracing with a pocket-sized personal rubber stamp.

When a supplier or service provider records your visit.
Instead of physically writing in a register, a great solution is to have a pocket-sized personal rubber stamp. The process of entering your details can be both quick and much safer for you, instead of using a communal pen. This is where we can help you in making you your own such personal rubber stamp. All you need to do via the online process is to provide your details which include your name, address and telephone number.

Stamps Plus is offering a generous 15% discount on the pocket-sized personal rubber stamp, while stocks last. Also known as a ‘lipstick’ stamp on account of the small size and mechanism, this product is unique to Stamps Plus. Even our local courier drivers tell us that their personal rubber stamps make their busy lives so much safer and easier. So, instead of physically signing in everywhere, they simply use their stamp.
If you are content with writing something over and over again, that’s your business; if you prefer instead a handy little rubber stamp, that’s our business. As the saying goes, “why write it if you can stamp it?”.

And while we’re on the subject of pocket-sized rubber stamps, please remember that we make them for inspectors, teachers, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals too. We have a variety of sizes and they come in various formats, including a handy keyring attachment. This means that for the busy person on the move who needs to fill out numerous registers and documents, this can be a huge time saver.

Stamps Plus Other Products

Stamps Plus makes a large range of shapes and sizes of rubber stamps, you can view most of our selection here

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