Easier contact tracing with a pocket-sized personal rubber stamp.

When a supplier or service provider records your visit.
Instead of physically writing in a register, a great solution is to have a pocket-sized personal rubber stamp. The process of entering your details can be both quick and much safer for you, instead of using a communal pen. This is where we can help you in making you your own such personal rubber stamp. All you need to do via the online process is to provide your details which include your name, address and telephone number.

Stamps Plus is offering a generous 15% discount on the pocket-sized personal rubber stamp, while stocks last. Also known as a ‘lipstick’ stamp on account of the small size and mechanism, this product is unique to Stamps Plus. Even our local courier drivers tell us that their personal rubber stamps make their busy lives so much safer and easier. So, instead of physically signing in everywhere, they simply use their stamp.
If you are content with writing something over and over again, that’s your business; if you prefer instead a handy little rubber stamp, that’s our business. As the saying goes, “why write it if you can stamp it?”.
And while we’re on the subject of pocket-sized rubber stamps, please remember that we make them for inspectors, teachers, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals too. We have a variety of sizes and they come in various formats, including a handy keyring attachment. This means that for the busy person on the move who needs to fill out numerous registers and documents, this can be a huge time saver.

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