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Comparing Rubber Stamps Brands Guide

This guide offered by us at Stamps Plus is a genuine attempt to offer some guidance in choosing the right kind of rubber stamp as well as a quick overview of the supply chain. With proprietary brands and model numbers on existing rubber stamps, it can often be very confusing when the shopper wishes to find exactly the same model or at least the closest equivalent to what they already have. Invariably, when such a shopper types in the model number or proprietary brand through an internet search, it leads them on a virtual ‘wild goose chase’! What is even more confusing is when one is able to successfully determine what one particular size of stamp is in terms of model numbers right across the board from the major stamp housing manufacturers, only to find that price discrepancies can be perplexingly wide and disparate.

When shopping for a custom rubber stamp, it pays to understand terminology and the actual ‘anatomy’ of a self-inking rubber stamp. The self-inking stamp comprises of the ‘stamp housing’ (denoted usually by a brand name and model number), a built-in ink pad and then the all-important ‘rubber die text plate’. One of the global stationery retailers typically has on their website a price for the stamp housing where they show the brand and model number just on its own; when one wants to go on to ordering the customised stamp, they then slap on a further price for the ‘custom rubber die text plate only’ and sometimes even a ‘set-up’ or ‘proofing ‘ fee. In the end, one would need to compare the total price paid for (say) a customised stamp measuring 58mm x 2mm versus what Stamps Plus would supply in the corresponding model of ‘S-824’. The difference in pricing will astound you!

Stamps Plus supplies the entire stamp, including stamp housing, custom rubber die and even the cost of set-up all in one competitive price for a customised rubber stamp!

A quick word on describing the supply chain of the biggest brands of rubber stamps here in New Zealand is as follows; the primary brands of stamp housings sold over the last few decades are ‘Trodat’, ‘Colop’ and ‘Shiny’. There are of course several other smaller brands such as ‘Brother’, ‘XStamp’ as well as a plethora of mass produced, cheap and nasty replicas, but in the main the primary three brands are as described above. The brands Trodat and Colop are manufactured both in Austria as well as in China and the brand Shiny is manufactured in Taiwan. The interesting bit is in shining the light on the actual distribution chain: Trodat is brought into the country by importer/distributor company ‘Acme Supplies Limited’ who then sell the stamp housings to rubber stamp makers and retailers alike. The Colop products are imported and distributed by stationery suppliers ‘Croxley’ who in similar fashion, sell the stamp housings to rubber stamp makers and retailers. The Shiny brand follows two paths; some of their product is brought in and distributed by company ‘Staedlter’ and some are purchased directly from the manufacturer in Taiwan by us at Stamps Plus. In understanding the supply chain componentry, one can easily determine why prices can often be so vastly disparate.

It is hoped that the guide given will at least help to make sense of it all. Hope it helps you!

Text & / Or Logo Stamps
SizeShiny ModelTrodat EquivalentColop Equivalent
26 X 10 mm rectangleS821/S1821 – View HereT4910Printer 10
38 x 14 mm rectangleS822/S1822 – View HereT4911Printer 20
47 x 18 mm rectangleS823/S1823 – View HereT4912Printer 30
58 x 22 mm rectangleS824/S1824 – View HereT4913Printer 40
70 x 25 mm rectangleS825/S1825 – View HereT4915Printer 50
41 x 24 mm rectangleS826 – View HereT5200N/A
50 x 30 mm rectangleS827 – View HereT4929N/A
56 x 33 mm rectangleS828 – View HereN/AN/A
64 x 40 mm rectangleS829 – View HereT4927Printer 55
75 x 38 mm rectangleS830 – View HereT4926Printer 60
70 x 10 mm rectangleS831 – View HereT4916Printer 15
75 x 15 mm rectangleS832 – View HereT4918Printer 25
85 x 25 mm rectangleS833 – View HereT4925Printer 45
12 x 12 mm square or diameterS510 – View HereT4921N/A
20 x 20 mm square or diameterS520 – View HereT4922N/A
32 x 32 mm square or diameterS530 – View HereT4923N/A
42 x 42 mm square or diameterS542 – View HereT4924N/A
38 x 14 mm Lipstick StampS722 – View HereN/AN/A
26 X 10 mm KeyringN/AT4910KR – View HereN/A
Daters With Custom Text
SizeShiny ModelTrodat EquivalentColop Equivalent
41 x 24 mm rectangleS826D – View HereT4750S260
50 x 30 mm rectangleS827D – View HereT4729N/A
56 x 33 mm rectangleS828D – View HereN/AN/A
64 x 40 mm rectangleS829D – View HereT4727N/A
75 x 38 mm rectangleS830D – View HereT472660H
32 x 32 mm square or diameterS530D – View HereN/AN/A
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3MM Character Dater300BK – View HereT4800N/A
4MM Character Dater400BK – View HereT4820S120
Heavy Duty Daters With Custom Text
SizeShiny ModelTrodat EquivalentColop Equivalent
41 x 24 mm rectangleSH6100 – View HereT54312160
50 x 30 mm rectangleSH6103 – View HereT5440 – View Here2360
56 x 33 mm rectangleSH6105 – View HereT5460 – View Here2660
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