Justice Of The Peace Stamps

Giving Back To Those Who Have Helped So Many.

Here at Stamps Plus we admire the work of Justice of the Peace members, and have thus made concessions on our prices exclusively for them. Stamps Plus effectively subsidises pricing on all rubber stamp models being purchased by Justice of the Peace members. A person must be a registered Justice of the Peace member to obtain rubber stamps at these exclusive prices.

Below are various examples of Justice of the Peace stamps and their exclusive costs. To order any of these stamps or similar, send us a message though the contact form and we’ll message you back as soon as possible. Please ensure that you wait until you can see that the message to us has been successfully sent before you disengage.

Use the assigned number code to identify a stamp layout for your order, or email us with your own unique needs and we’ll customize it for you. Our email address is at the bottom of this page if you wish to write your own email. Our telephone number is included too for your convenience.
For even more information pertaining to the myriad rubber stamps available to and used by Justice of the Peace members, please read the blog linked here.

We have various payment methods available to choose from which we will offer you in our initial return email. All orders serviced with P&P, signature required overnight only $10.50 nationwide!

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AJPA Authorised Stamps 2020

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300BK Dater

Was $18.96 now $14.96

Auckland JP Association Name Badges.

With Magnet Fix $18.00 to your door courier.
With Pin Fix $13.88 to your door courier.

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum Plaques

Top: Full view – Bottom: View of plaque base.

Wood engraved base (20x10cm), with plastic engraved brushed silver (21×14.8cm/A5) $98