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When shopping for a custom rubber stamp, it pays to understand terminology and the actual ‘anatomy’ of a self-inking rubber stamp. The self-inking stamp comprises of the ‘stamp housing’ (denoted usually by a brand name and model number), a built-in ink pad and then the all-important ‘rubber die text plate’. One of the global stationery retailers typically has on their website a price for the stamp housing where they show the brand and model number just on its own; when one wants to go on to ordering the customised stamp, they then slap on a further price for the ‘custom rubber die text plate only’ and sometimes even a ‘set-up’ or ‘proofing ‘ fee. In the end, one would need to compare the total price paid for (say) a customised stamp measuring 58mm x 2mm versus what Stamps Plus would supply in the corresponding model of ‘S-824’. The difference in pricing will astound you!

Stamps Plus supplies the entire stamp, including stamp housing, custom rubber die and even the cost of set-up all in one competitive price for a customised rubber stamp!

General Uses

  1. Accounting / Bookkeeping Stamps
  2. Accessories – Ink Pads, Ink
  3. Address Stamps
  4. Alphabet Stamps
  5. Assessor Stamps
  6. Banking Stamps – Banking, Bank Teller
  7. Barcode Stamps
  8. Book Plate Stamps – Ex Libris
  9. Business Card Stamps
  10. Certifier Stamps
  11. Clothing Stamps
  12. Common Seal Stamps
  13. Company Stamps
  14. DIY Stamps
  15. Egg Stamps
  16. Logo Stamps – Logo & Text
  17. Name Stamps
  18. Novelty Stamps – QR Code Stamps, Emoji Stamps, Hashtag Stamps, Meme Stamps, Social Media Stamps
  19. Pocket Stamps
  20. Signature Stamps – Signature Only, Signature With Date
  21. Text Stamps – Text & Logo
  22. Theme Stamps
  23. Traditional Styled Wooden Stamps
  24. Wedding Stamps

Professional Stamps

  1. Architects
  2. Beekeeper Stamps – Apairy Stamps, Apairy Marking, Apairy Branding, Beehive Stamps, Beehive Marking, Beehive Branding, Beekeeper Marking, Beekeeper Branding
  3. Coffee Cup Stamps
  4. Daters – Date Stamps, Dating Stamps, Best Before, Use By, Pharmacy Stamp
  5. Dispatch Stamps
  6. Engineers – Engineering, Marking
  7. Inspector Stamps
  8. Justice Of The Peace Stamps – JP Stamps, Certified, Documented, Witnessed
  9. Legal Fraternity Stamps – Certified, Documented, Witnessed, Verified, Exhibit Note, Affidavit. Solicitor, Barrister, Legal Secretary.
  10. Loyalty Card Stamps – Coffee Card Stamps
  11. Medical Stamps – Doctor Stamps, Medical Practice Stamps, Nurse Stamps
  12. Numberers – Numbering, Code, Mixed Characters
  13. Office Stamps / Administration Stamps / Bookkeeping Stamps – E-mailed Stamp, Faxed Stamp, Gst Stamp, Paid Stamp, Overdue Stamp, Urgent Stamp
  14. Paper Bag Stamps – Paper Bag Printing, Coffee Bag Stamp, Coffee Shop Stamp
  15. Teacher Stamps

By Shape

  1. Rectangular Stamps
  2. Round Stamps
  3. Square Stamps

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