Refund Policy

We pride ourselves on the quality of both our pre-manufactured and custom made products and therefore if there is any fault or defect with any product purchased, contact us within 14 days for a replacement.

Returned goods are accepted in keeping with the words contained in our “100% Guarantee”. Such returns are to be made on a freight paid basis unless otherwise agreed. All returned goods must be accompanied by actual invoice or invoice details. If goods are returned insufficiently packaged and sustain damage because of this, they will be returned and a credit will not be issued. Refunds are considered only if the seller cannot make good as per the above terms.

Cancellation. Your order usually sets in place a chain of events where actual production of what you have ordered, commences within 12 hours from the time of payment. Consequently, no cancellation is accepted after 12 hours from the time of payment, because material and processes have by then, already been used. Cancellation is therefore to be made within 12 hours of payment, by doing as follows:

Email [email protected] detailing the time of your transaction, the amount paid by you, your reason for cancelling, as well as the account details of the bank account used to make the purchase in the first place. No payments will be made to any third party or any other account other than the one from whence the payment to Stamps Plus was made.