Rubber Stamp Tips

Below we have collected the most simplest rubber stamp tips to help you self service your stamp if the need arise. Wether you are replacing the ink cartridge, affixing a new stamp die, setting the date, or just updating the sample impression. We’ve got you covered.

We also have more Advanced Design & Choosing a Stamp tips near the bottom.

Replacing The Ink Cartridge

Press the stamp down so that the stamp die inside the stamp housing does not interfer with the pad. You should only need to press 2mm or 3mm.
The ink pad should now slide in or out with a small amount of effort to pull past the teeth holding it in place.
Simply place the new pad in the reverse of the way you took out the original. Note the soft pad should be facing down when you do so.

Affixing A New Die / Text Plate

Press The Stamp Down and lock it either using the switch on the back (Trodat) or the buttons / dimples at either end.
Make sure old die is removed and any debris is cleared. If you have foam padding, that the padding is not drastically uneven.
Remove the non stick backing from the back of the new die, and place the new die onto the base. Ensure you have it nice and square so you dont end up stamping on an angle.

Setting The Date

Press the stamp down and lock it into this position using the buttons / dimples at either end, or using the lock switch (Trodat).
Flip the stamp over and roll the disks till the appropriate date appears on the bottom. When finished, flip over and unlock the stamp.

Inserting Sample Impression

Simply lift the clear plastic cover from the front, most models require you lift away and up from the front.
Place the impression underneath & replace cover, ensuring it has clipped in correctly.

Design Tips

If you’re not sure what kid of filetype we are after, or need some more info, start hwith our Artwork Files Guide. Dont hesitate to email or call for clarification.

If you are interested in having an Embosser made, make sure to have a quick look at our Embossing Products Information Guide.
f you are in need of a Common Seal Rubber Stamp, have a look at our Common Seal Guide, to make sure you have all the right information.

Choosing A Stamp

Not all Rubber Stamps are created equal, some do a job better than others, and some have some benefits when used certain circumstances. Our Stamp Catalog has a lot of basic uses listed. If you cant find what you’re after dont hestitate to contact us by email or phone.

If you have an existing stamp, but your model is not shown, we have a Stamp Model Reference Chart to help you find our equivalent model.

We have a range of specialist inks available if you need to stamp on something other than paper or matte cardboard surfaces. Please contact us if you want to stamp on, metal, plastic, glossy / waxy surfaces and we can put a product together tailored for your needs.