Common Seal Stamps New Zealand Information Guide

Stamps Plus has put together this Common Seals Information Guide to help you determine what you require in a stamp for your Societies, Not For Profit Organisations, And Sovereign Entities.

Excerpt from Companies Office regarding Societies and Trusts in New Zealand. (All you need to know)

“Control and use of the society’s common seal All societies must adopt a common seal on incorporation. The rules of the society will set out when the common seal should be used and how. Generally it is used on legal documents and contracts that the society enters into. A common seal is usually a rubber stamp that includes the name of the society and the words ‘common seal”. Contact a commercial stationer for information about ordering a seal. “

Source; Companies Office

Control and use of the society’s common seal .pdf


Stamps Plus COmmon Seal Stamp Tips

Longer title means ‘larger stamp’.
Avoid trying to squeeze an elongated name into a smaller sized stamp.
If in doubt, send us the association name and we’ll guide you.

Example Of Commonly used formats

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