Embossing / Notary Seal Stamp

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$220.88 including GST

Embossing/ Notary Seal Stamp. Custom Made For You.

Advanced Technology Using Non Corrosive Die Plates And Compact, Sturdy Machines

Embossing and notary seals have vastly different purposes and applications. However, both purposes employ the same technology in crafting world class, crisp and stunning emboss transfers onto paper and cardboard stock.
Whether you want an embossing seal, a notary seal stamp or a living sovereign seal stamp, we at Stamps Plus will craft a world class customised one for you. Our craftsmanship is matched by the following features in the actual embossing seal stamp models we use:

  • Reinforced high strength steel is used in the construction, which ensures durability, quality and rigidity.
  • The soft rubber handle makes it comfortable to press and makes it easier to have crisp, protrude embossments.
  • Unique and beautiful finish adds bonus to its excellent mechanism.

Please allow 1-2mm around your artwork inside the specified dimensions, artwork will be scaled to fit unless otherwise requested below.

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Custom Artwork Or Logo File

If you wish, you to attach a custom logo or artwork here. We prefer Vector files ( .ai, .eps .pdf ), though large Bitmaps may be fine ( .jpg .png ). See our Artwork Files Guide Here. If the artwork is not appropriate we’ll contact you and help guide you to getting what you need.

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Preproduction Proof

If you want to check the artwork with us before we manufacture your design check this. This first proof is free, but further proofing may incur costs.