FAQ: Here are our most frequently asked questions:

A list of our most frequently asked questions, if its not in our FAQ, email or phone us and we’ll be happy to help.


Q1 How do I order a stamp from Stamps Plus?

Simply identify the stamp model you want and follow the online prompts. Once we receive the information completed by you, we will make your stamp accordingly. If in doubt on our side, we will send you a pre-production proof sheet just to make sure. If you require a complex design, feel free to send Stamps Plus your artwork and the required size to sales@stampsplus.nzsecure.com . Stamps Plus will reply with a custom proof and the prices or you can call Stamps Plus directly to discuss your order on 09 4868165 or 07 777 3019.

Q2 Do I need to Register or Log in to order from Stamps Plus?

Stamps Plus offers great service for everyone, all of the time and does not require data harvesting to enhance more sales. It is therefore not compulsory to register before ordering from Stamps Plus. The benefits of registering with Stamps Plus are mostly enjoyed by our corporate and government account holders who might wish to have their own data bank with us for the specific purposes of convenience in multiple ordering.

Q3 What are the Benefits of Registering with Stamps Plus when I place an order?

Upon registering with Stamps Plus online you will have access to your very own account. Through this you will be able to view all your previous orders & edit shipping information. Your data will not be shared with any other parties and you will not be peppered with unsolicited emails. After all, Stamps Plus offers great service for everyone, all of the time and does not require data harvesting to enhance more sales.

Q4 What are the differences between Self-Inking, Traditional Styled Wooden Stamps & Pre-Inked stamps?

Self-Inking, are a spring loaded, all in one machine including a replaceable internal ink pad. They are clean, fast and reliable, and can be refilled easily. They have a twisting mechanism that rotates the rubber die to press against the ink pad. Ink pads are both re-fillable and replaceable.

Traditional Styled Wooden Stamps, are based on the vintage model of stamp mount (usually wooden), handle and the text plate. This type of stamp needs a separate ink pad.

Pre-Inked Stamps, sometimes referred to as ‘Flash Stamps’ are a modern stamp giving very high quality impressions. They work by having a porous gel-like rubber die on the bottom of the stamp that allows ink to flow through the die before an impression is made. The ink itself is kept in a reservoir located in the spongey text dies; these stamps can give up to 500 impressions before the ink needs refilling so these stamps do not need an inkpad. To enjoy best use, the mechanism needs to be pressed gently rather than stamped quickly.

Q5 Can I have further discount for bulk/quantity orders?

Stamps Plus uses its’ purchasing power to drive down costs when large volumes of any of our product lines are ordered and, Stamps Plus is therefore able to pass on the cost savings in bulk deal discounts. Email Stamps Plus at info@stampsplus.nzsecure.com for queries regarding bulk discount deals.

Q6 What file types are acceptable to use?

If you just need text and basic borders we are happy to accept any office document, however if you have a logo or complicated layout we may need a modern design file, usually made by a graphic designer. If you have had business cards or signage made for your company, these files are usually fit for our purposes. They should be in the following file types, .eps .ai, sometimes .pdf.
Stamps Plus has access to the latest graphic software and is mostly backwards compatible. However our processes give a better result if you can supply us with a vector artwork file.
More information can be found here on our Artwork Files Guide.

Q7 IF I don’t have the knowledge and/or ability to create graphic design files, does Stamps Plus offer this service?

Stamps Plus has on board, graphic designers with lots of experience and can therefore offer a graphic design service at very reasonable rates. To find out what the cost might be, send Stamps Plus an email outlining your idea to info@stampsplus.nzsecure.com.

Q8 What font styles and sizes can I have?

Stamps Plus has the most popular fonts styles & font sizes available, if you have your own in mind feel free to send it to us.

Q9 What types of ink can I have and what are their uses?

Note any orders requiring anything other than Endorsing Ink should be done via email / contact form so we can insure you are getting the correct product.

Endorsing ink is a water based ink which is ideal for everyday stamping onto paper. This ink has also been tested to be “skin-safe” so you can feel free to use any of the standard stamps on someone’s hand or skin.

Textile Ink is specially designed to be used on clothes and after a few hours of drying this ink is machine washable.

Quick Drying Inks are solvent based inks that dry more quickly than standard water based inks. Stamps Plus uses the Noris range of stamping inks for quick drying inks. This type of ink is required when stamping onto plastic, wax coated, or grease proof or other non-matte surfaces.

UV Inks are a popular request. UV inks can be provided in the format required for stamping onto human skin or for stamping onto areas that require rapid drying characteristics.

Q10 What special colours can I have?

Due to the low quantity of orders requiring some of the following we cannot supply every colour, but we can help you locate the easiest location to get these at the best price.

Brown, gold, orange, pink, white, yellow, green neon, orange neon, pink neon and yellow neon are the main alternative colours for stamping onto human skin or for fast drying target areas.

When non-standard, special colours of ink are chosen, either the self-inking ink pad or the separate ink pad (for traditional styled stamps) are supplied ‘dry’ so that the user loads up the required amount of ink according to guidelines.

Q11 Does Stamps Plus provide stamps for Nightclubs/Events?

Stamps Plus does provide rubber stamps for nightclubs and for events. It is recommended to have the design between 20-30mm and probably a little smaller for children. Also try not to have a design that is solid colour as it will obviously contain quite a lot of ink and could smudge or bleed on the persons hand or even their clothes. It is best to try and have outlines and not solid colour.

Q12 Can Stamps Plus make me a signature stamp?

The signature stamp is an increasingly popular item with Stamps Plus’ internet sales. Common uses are for those who have to sign numerous documents that might not require a full, legal signature and those who simply enjoy the novelty of it. Interpretations of the signature stamp vary as well in that some, like nurses and policemen who need to endorse a lot of documents, simply have their name and title on the stamp for ease of use. Others want their actual long hand signature on the stamp and, with Stamps Plus’ technology; a quick scan of a high resolution digital impression of the signature is easily transposed into a personal signature, rubber stamp.

Q13 Can I have a custom logo on my stamp?

It is very easy for Stamps Plus to make rubber stamps featuring a logo and/ or anything else you might wish to feature. Neither the content of the stamp or the colour ink (if standard ink) will affect price. You pay only for the text plate size of the stamp with no hidden costs for having an image rather than just text.

Q14 Can I replace the rubber impression die on my stamp?

Stamps Plus offers to its corporate account holders only the services of ‘new rubber die only, but offers to all users the concept of ‘stamp remake’: The ‘new rubber die only’ is just that – a piece of rubber die only, cut and engraved to a specific model and/or size of stamp. The ‘stamp re-make’ is where we at Stamps Plus take in your self-inking stamp and remove the obsolete rubber die, replacing it with a new, updated die. Part of this service also entails cleaning and servicing the self-inking machine and fitting it with a new ink pad.

Q15 How do I replace ink pads on my self-inking stamps or refill my pre-inking stamp?

Please refer to Stamps the Tips Section of our website.

Q16 How do I re-ink a dry ink pad?

Simply drizzle a few drops, evenly over the surface area of the ink pad and, after a minute or so, squirt a few more drops evenly until the felt in the ink pad is nice and full, but not ‘flooded’.

Q17 Can I place an order with Stamps Plus over the phone?

You can place an order over the phone with Stamps Plus initially, but will always be required to follow up and send an email / or message via our contact form to ensure a ‘paper trail’, as telephone initiated instructions can always be ‘distorted’ when passed on from employee to employee.

Q18 When can Stamps Plus dispatch my order?

Stamps Plus makes up the order immediately payment is received or, if the order is received overnight or over the weekend, at the first production batch of the next production shift. Dispatch of the completed stamp usually occurs within two working days of receipt of payment.

Q19 If I am unsure about what I actually want, can communicate with Stamps Plus directly?

In a word, “yes”. Stamps Plus can interact directly with you regarding a rubber stamp design and/or order, in the unlikely event that you cant place your order through our website. However, please refer to Q17above regarding a ‘paper trail’.

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