Logo Rubber Stamps

Custom Made Rubber Stamps, Self-Inking Or Traditional Style Wooden Stamps.

You have a logo you are proud of and want to display it. You can either have standard printing done to show your logo, or have a custom-made stamp of your logo. Save money by using a custom made rubber logo stamp, if yours is a small to medium enterprise.

With advanced laser technology, we make perfect custom logo rubber stamps. Simply show us your logo and describe size details and what you want to stamp onto; we’ll do the rest. Either select a size from the catalogue provided here, or email us directly. Either way, Stamps Plus will make a perfect, custom made logo rubber stamp for you. Stamps Plus does large, medium and small sized rubber stamps to suit. Brands provided include Shiny, Trodat and Colop. For very large stamps, we craft traditional styled wooden stamps too.

Please refer to our guide linked here regarding files if you are in doubt.

Largest Self Inking Stamps

The largest of any stamp on offer are these huge size stamps. Idea for paper bags or anywhere you need to make a large impression.

Traditional Style Stamps & Related Products

Custom Traditional Stamps can be made in many sizes to cater for large impressions, and uneven surfaces. If you cant find a custom logo rubber stamp to suit, this may be the way to go. Get in contact us and we can help find the best size, and products for your needs.