Bespoke, Customised Wood Engraved Business Cards To Add A Touch Of Class To Your Brand!

11.505.45Make a statement about you and your brand! Order your own Wood Engraved Business Cards.

About Our wood.

We mainly use two types of wood to craft our amazing Wood Engraved Business Cards. Both are gauged 3mm and both are certified ‘sustainable forestry’. They are solid wood slices and are NOT plywood. We import the cherry wood from the USA and source the newer introduction of pine wood here in New Zealand. The actual sizing of our wood engraved business cards, measure 71mm x 40mm. With both the cherry wood as well as the pine wood, we can do one or two sides, and even stenciling. Customs Sized wooden business cards available upon application.

Explanatory note on stencil work.
Each wood engraved business card is cut from a larger piece of timber sheeting. A simple custom shape can be cut on the outside of the card, rounded corners or a simple dip inwards. When this becomes too complex or the cut is inside the interior edge of the card we are essentially creating a “stencil”. The extra cost incurred for stenciling has been accommodated and factored into the price list below.
Designer note: We work with vector files, and the more vertices in the cut line, the more “work” is required. Proper spline curves don’t generate extra vertices & as such should be used where possible in complex shapes.
















One sided Two Sided
$27.00 $35.00

*prices are per card


One sided Two Sided
$25.00 $31.00

*prices are per card
















Other sizes & wood types may be available, please enquire if you need something more specific.
If you have decided to consider obtaining your own, prestigious wood engraved business cards and have decided that this will work well with your brand, please click below.

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