Business & Home Address Stamps

This is an extremely innovative and economical way in which to print postal addresses onto envelopes. There is no need for expensive address label makers or address stickers. We have two types of address stamps available; ‘Business’ & ‘Home Address’ Stamps. They can vary in size depending on your needs. Refer to the sizing options and uses below, in order to select the best rubber stamp to suit your needs.

Business Address Stamps

As Per NZ Post Requirements from September 2018 (Address Stamps) ( source: NZ Post website )

From September 2018 NZ Post prefers the following format to assist and speed up their automated mail sorting systems. For their systems to automatically sort your mail and ensure the correct destination is read the sender address can be no more than two lines and has specifications of the length and size.

We’ve designed the following product to meet their needs, and yours.

  • Shiny Address Stamp

    RRP: $51.99
    $44.99 including GST
  • Address Stamp

    $82.64 including GST

Home Address Stamps

These sizes are more suitable for home address envelopes, though may still not be able to be read by NZ Post’s mail return service machines. Feel free to give a little guidance if you want a particular font or want the text centered etc. We have other sizes available for Business & Home Address Stamps here.

  • Rectangular Stamp 47x18mm

    RRP: $38.88
    $42.00 including GST
  • Rectangular Stamp 58x22mm

    $46.00 including GST
  • Rectangular Stamp 70x25mm

    $49.99 including GST

If none of of these products suit, or you’re not sure, dont hesitate to contact us.