The prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice. It is our policy however, to give adequate prior notice in writing of impending price change when possible.


All trade prices are subject to Goods and Services tax at the prevailing rate and shall be for the account of the purchaser. Stamps Plus will always provide a tax invoice within 28 days of the purchaser asking for one or, such a tax invoice will accompany the purchased item(s) at delivery time; whichever occurs first.


Payments for goods supplied shall be made at the time of purchase for non-account holders and 20th of the month following for account holders. Invoice numbers or remittance must be quoted with such notification. Shortages advised when payment is due are not acceptable.

Export Condition and Restriction

The seller will only sell to countries with whom a recognised trade agreement exists with New Zealand.


The seller is not liable to the Purchaser for failure to deliver goods where such failure arises from, or is a result of, war or civil disturbance, strike, lock-out, fire or any other circumstances beyond the Seller’s control.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Ownership of goods sold and purchased vest with the seller until such the goods are paid in full.

Event of Force Majeure

If a purchase has been made immediately prior to or during an ‘Event of Force Majeure’, Stamps Plus will fulfil its obligation of purchase consideration, once such an event has passed. This means that the product purchased during such an event, will be made good only once the event has passed and when Stamps Plus is legally entitled to resume factory operations.

Goods Returned Policy


Your order usually sets in place a chain of events where actual production commences within 24 hours. Consequently, no cancellation is accepted after 24 hours have elapsed from purchase or order time.

If, within the mandatory 24-hour purchasing time a cancellation is required please follow the following
steps: Email Stamps Plus at [email protected] asking for a cancellation of your order and simultaneously submit your reasons why a cancellation is required, together with any supportive documentation.

Prices and inaccuracies

Stamps Plus guarantees the workmanship and craftsmanship of its products. If any fault is determined with regard to workmanship, craftsmanship or inaccuracies on Stamps Plus’ part, Stamps Plus will make good on the product(s) provided if returned to Stamps Plus within 7 days where such product(s) have or has not been used in the interim.