About Us

About Us

Stamps Plus is a specialist online factory. We permit retail sales in a limited fashion at our factory premises. Our factory distributes via online channels, account holders and approved stationery re-sellers only. If you are an interested retailer, please contact us here.

Stamps Plus was formed after purchasing an existing stamp making and name badge manufacturing business in Taharoto Road, Takapuna in January 2011. The business purchased was already 12 years old and, with Stamps Plus having been operational for 7 years since, our collective experience is more than 19 years. Stamps Plus is therefore recognized as being a leading innovator in the field of producing high quality, competitively priced, marking and branding products. For a full list of our marking and branding products click on our home page demonstrating our various departments.

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated ‘Stamps Plus’ is also a professional, government approved provider based in New Zealand where we are strategically and logistically positioned to serve and supply to local, Australasian and world markets in the field of marking and branding products. We also have approved distributors for our rubber stamp products in Kumeu (Benjamin Bowring), Pukekohe (Office Products Depot) and Waiuku (Office Products Depot). If you are a stationery retailer also interested in rubber stamp supplies, please feel free to contact us.

Stamps Plus therefore enjoys being the preferred manufacturer and supplier of high quality rubber stamps, embossing products, wax seal products, wood engraved products, name badges, pet plaques and more corporate & branding products.

Stamps Plus also has a social conscience and ensures that our own procurement processes are robust enough to ensure that our goods are not only free of formaldehyde and other carcinogenic materials, but where factory sources are also not using slave labour, child labour and related practices to unfairly and artificially drive down the costs of materials. We use genuine and authentic product related materials only.

Stamps Plus has a mission statement, vision manifesto, credo profile and culture statement which are described below:

Mission Statement

Stamps Plus’ mission statement is to provide world class, top quality products and solutions to our customers in the field of the marking-and-branding industry.


To keep earning our keep as the marking-and-branding products supplier of choice to the people and businesses shopping online and who are needing quick, high quality products in the field of marking and branding products at reasonable prices.


We always strive to impress our customers to a level where they would readily impress others regarding our products and services. Our catch phrase is;


“We impress you so that you can impress others”


Culture Statement

Our business culture is about having and retaining the very best people for the job, who are focussed, committed, conscientious and passionate, to a level where we set the benchmark for our industry in Australasia. Stamps Plus’ culture means taking care of each other and our equipment first, then our customers, then our suppliers and then our shareholders.

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