Embossing or Notary Seal Starburst Sticker Sheets

$18.75 including GST

55mm diameter Starbust Stickers in handy A4 Sheets of 15

Embossing and notary seals have vastly different purposes and applications, but both can either ‘dry’ emboss or make use of a variety of starburst stickers. Stamps plus supplies a range of sizes and a generous choice of colours in embossing/ notary seal stickers.

This picture features one of the types of embossing/notary seal stickers. Click here to see more options.

This product is a neat package of 15 easy, peel-off starburst stickers on a convenient A4 sized sheet. You have colour options of glossy red, green, gold and silver. All of these colours come in size 55 mm diameters. So many options all under one roof and from one trusted supplier here at Stamps Plus!

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