More benefits of a customised rubber stamp.

Recently, members of the engineering fraternity have been requesting our ‘As Built’ rubber stamps. An example of our most commonly requested ‘As Built’ rubber stamps is shown above. However, a number of variations have been requested over time and are too numerous to display here.

As with most of our other custom/ purpose made rubber stamps, we would like you to know that we can and do any wording format you require. Even logos and custom fonts can be included too.

A good place to start is to determine the wording you require to go onto a document. Then, measure the target area onto which you want to stamp your text. From there, a number of variations of rubber stamp solution can be determined. If the target area is within a text box range (the text box being your wording and wording format) of 85 x 55mm or less, one of our large range of ‘self-inking’ rubber stamps could do the job nicely for you. Self-inking rubber stamps are the ones that have a built-in ink pad and where at least 200 or so impressions can be made, before the ink pad might need to be topped up with ink. Needless to say, we stock ink pads and ink accessories for your one-stop convenience too.

If a text box exceeds the largest recommended size of 85 x 55mm for a self-inking stamp, we can then craft a solution from our range of ‘traditional styled hand-stamps’. These traditional styled stamps are the old format of a wooden mount and handle with a separate stamp pad. The largest size one should do with a traditional styled stamp would be 120 x 170mm so as to comfortably fit within the largest stamp pads available. We stock the largest ink pads available anywhere.

Text box size is not the only consideration when contemplating what type and size of rubber stamp would be the solution to not having to write over and over again. The surface of the area onto which text and/or logo must be stamped needs to be taken into consideration too. The reason for this is that most rubber stamp solutions involve water based inks as default and these inks do not adhere to plastic or glossy surfaces. They are intended for plain paper and plain cardboard surfaces.

However, we are pleased to let you know that we have ink solutions too! So, if you’re intending to stamp onto a plastic or glossy surface, we can prescribe and supply the correct type of ink for your rubber stamp that will adhere to those surfaces.
As mentioned earlier, it is not practicably feasible to display every possible variation of custom-made rubber stamp that we have either already made, or that you might want to see. Please don’t be discouraged by this. Simply email us and tell us what you would like to see and mention things like ‘surface type’, ‘text box size’, ‘intended text and/or logo’. In most cases, where the correct information has been supplied to us, we offer a complimentary pre-production ‘proof sheet’ of your stamp for you to evaluate first. You’d be happy to know that our price is for everything: There are no hidden charges of ‘set-up’ etc. If your artwork and logo (if required) needs proper graphic design time, we can offer you rates at reasonable prices. Otherwise, to transform your text and/or logo that is already in the correct format, we do not charge for setting this up. Have a quick look here to see our ‘artwork/text’ guide if you need further clarity. Feel free to email us or telephone us too if you want. Afterall, we are a New Zealand based factory, run by genuine Kiwis and we do everything ourselves in our factory. Consequently, our turnaround time would reflect that too. You would in most circumstances, have your rubber stamp solution within 48 hours of placing a completed order with us.

So, if you’re tired of having to write something over and over again and want instead the convenient solution of a custom- made rubber stamp, you’re at the right place! As we say here at Stamps Plus, “If you don’t want to write; get the right rubber stamp at the right place from Stamps Plus”.

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