The new normal is all about keeping apart from one another to help insure everyone stays healthy. Sometimes this just doesn’t work when you need to grab a pen and write down that every day detail. Valuable time can be lost too when your registration details and other pertinent information must be written over and over again. Contactless information sharing of critical data and information could be easily achieved through the use of a customised, pocket rubber stamp.

Here at Stamps Plus, we already supply doctors & nurses with a wide variety of easy to use stamps in hospitals, medical clinics and mobile units. You can check these out here.

We also have rubber stamps of various sizes and shapes often used for addresses or just a person’s name. The larger of these stamps can even include company logos.

If you need to apply your signature to multiple documents and need to do so safely, quickly and efficiently, we can even craft a rubber stamp with your signature for you. We custom make your signature stamp by getting you to write out your signature a few times and then scanning it in or taking a photo at high resolution. We then make a rubber die to fit and attach that to a suitably sized rubber stamp. This will enable you to get that critical signature done quickly, cleanly, and accurately each time.
Whatever your profession may be, we at Stamps Plus would love to help you with your own pocket-sized rubber stamp.

Pocket stamps are a collection of little self-inking stamps, just big enough to make the all-important stamped impression, but small enough to either put in your pocket, attach to your pocket or even attach to a key ring. Suitable for doctors, nurses, inspectors, teachers and government officials.

Pocket Stamps.
Logo Stamps.