Colop e-mark

Introducing the Colop e-mark.

We at Stamps Plus are pleased to announce the arrival of a new and exciting marking & branding tool in the form of Colop’s ‘e-mark’ electronic stamp! The e-mark is essentially an electronic mobile printing device that can be used to create personalised prints through an app on a mobile device or PC. This amazing tool makes printing in colour directly onto any absorbent surface possible, with just a simple sideways swipe of the device. The video link below is well worth a 2-minute watch and pretty much tells you what this fascinating tool can do:

Award winning product.

The COLOP e-mark has been recognised by various award panels for its remarkable features, design and innovative qualities. Among others, the e-mark won the coveted IF Design Award and EOPA Product of the Year Award in 2020. In 2019, the same year of its arrival on the market, the e-mark received a Red Dot Honourable Mention.

Product description and main features.

This mobile printer is palm-sized, operated by an app, is flexible and is portable. The following is a list of the most important and distinguishing features:
• Colourful imprints
• Inbuilt rechargeable battery
• Ready to use templates
• Mark any absorbent surface
• Add automatic date, time & numbering
• Barcode & QR codes generator in App

What are its uses?

As for the areas of application, you name it, the e-mark can assist: organising, creating, personalising! Use it in the office, in logistics and for branding. The COLOP e-mark has multiple creative uses. Special functions such as the automatic date and time function and a set of templates simplify office work. Listed below are only some of the areas in which this tool could prove to be indispensable:
* In the office.
* At the architect or engineer’s desk.
* In your creative studio.
* Wrist bands.
* Clothing.
* Labels.
* Workshop

Where to get yours and what are the prices?

You can order your own Colop e-mark right here at Stamps Plus, leaders in marking and branding tools in New Zealand. Our initial special offer price for the Colop e-mark is $516.41 incl GST per unit. Each e-mark device comes with a 3-colour ink cartridge, USB cable and power plug. Replacement ink cartridges are available too and under the initial special offer deal, are $93.53 incl GST each. If you have any questions about the product, please email us directly.