Make Your Documents Secure With Rubber Stamps Or Embossers

Paper In The Digital Age ?

For many centuries stamps and embossing have been used for document security, and it still stands today. In this modern age it is quite easy to copy an email, word doc or pdf and change it to your needs. Very little can be done by the average user to make sure its integrity is kept. You can print a copy, sign and date a document. Then placing in a secure location you have a great way to go back and prove the way the original was at a time & date.

It is still very common & in some cases required by law in many Asian countries that a Chop Stamp or Seal Stamp is used. This practice has been reliably used for centuries, and has stood the test of time.

In many countries, stamps & embossing are still the best way of providing a high level of document integrity. Notaries still use notary embossers, and Justice of the Peace members will still stamp the relevant declaration and sign. With the AMF/CFT Act, anyone moving larger amounts of money also needs to do this.
Rubber stamps with dater sections can also make sure the information is captured clearly & consistently.

How Can A Rubber Stamp Provide Security ?

A rubber stamp is a great way to add an extra level of security with a very low cost. Have a stamp custom made to fit with your identity or brand. This helps tie any documents to your business / personal requirements with a touch of class.

By rubber stamping the pages of a document splayed into a fan you can add another layer of security. This makes it much harder to change individual pages. Then impress a nice clean stamp on the last page, so the original can be compared to the fanned image.
You of course want to keep this tool in a safe place. In many countries loss of such a stamp is a criminal offence.

Rubber Stamp Or Emboss ?

If you want to really go all out, you can use an embossing press, you can physically press a design into the paper. This is of course much harder to fake as the paper is distorted permanently & when scanned does not yield a useful image for copying. Any potential fraudster would have to find a quality craftsman to try and recreate a brand new embosser. A craftsman of integrity is going to question why the person doesn’t have access to the original artwork file & ask from some credentials to prove they are entitled to such a press.

How Can Stamps Plus Help ?

So What can Stamps Plus do to make your documents secure ? We are able produce both these tools, and can custom craft something for your unique needs. Our experts can take your brand or identity and make something tailored to suit.

Our Products
– A wide selection of Rubber Stamp Sizes, all customisable.
Daters , most customisable, some with fixed premanufactured options.
Numberers, great if you’re after something that can fit to ISO standards EG:ISO 8601 – Date: 2019-07-21
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