The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Amendment Act 2017: What we can do to help with making the administrative processes easier.

Whether you need to ‘verify’ a document or ‘certify’ a document, ensuring that you systematically collect all of the relevant information, can be made really easy with a properly customised rubber stamp fit for purpose.


The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Amendment Act 2017 is going to mean a whole lot of administration for certain professionals. In fact, the professionals affected will eventually include all of lawyers, justices of the peace (JP’s), conveyancers, accountants, real estate agents, businesses trading in high value goods, businesses that provide trust and company services and even sports & racing betting. The onus will be on some being able to ‘verify’ documents and yet others being able to ‘certify’ documents.

The information blog provided here is not intended as a comprehensive guide to all involved, but rather as a specific service in the field of making administration far easier. If you need to obtain more information relating to dates of implementation and what the Act requires of you, please refer to the ‘Resources and Tips’ section below.

New Zealand Law Society’s published guide dated 28 February 2014 (linked below) relating to prefabricated certifier rubber stamps states (quote); “While there is no absolute rule on the wording lawyers should use when certifying documentation, the Practice Briefing suggests that firms could make up two prefabricated certification stamps. One stamp could be made up for use when the document includes a photograph of the customer and one (or perhaps two) when it does not. The important point which runs through the whole process is that any prefabricated certification stamps or any particular wording may not always meet the needs of a particular reporting entity”. ¹
1 New Zealand Law Society’s published guide online dated 28 February 2014

Steps and processes in obtaining the right ‘legal rubber stamp’.

View our catalogue of formats and examples of ‘legal rubber stamps’ with the link provided below. Some feature prefabricated ‘certification’ or ‘verification’ rubber stamp layouts, which we use as a basis before customising to suit. From the examples you may select from one of them and follow the process online, where you will be prompted to put in your own details to suit your needs.

Legal Fraternity Stamps.

Alternatively, please simply email us outlining your requirements and we will send you a pre-production proof sheet illustrating our understanding of your requirements.

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