If you don’t have a rubber stamp for your document, here’s a cheap and easy solution.

If you work for a body corporate or an NPO organisation and need a rubber stamp to endorse documents, you might have a problem. A great many businesses including commercial stationery suppliers and manufacturers such as us, are not able to manufacture certain items during the Covid 19 pandemic. You might find it helpful to know you can stamp a document electronically. However, if you have a computer (maybe a scanner if needed) and are familiar with the word processor on your lap or desktop you are more than half way to a solution already! If not, you may only need to have Adobe Acrobat Viewer (Free to download on most modern OS)
We at Stamps Plus manufacture thousands of rubber stamps every year. We also happen to have a low cost; standalone product called a ‘digital seal.’ This ‘digital seal’ is effectively a digital file format of a rubber stamp. In effect, you simply apply our stamp file in much the same way you apply a rubber stamp to a paper document.

To see Adobe’s tutorial entitled “Adding a stamp to a PDF,” a link is provided here for your convenience: Stamps In Adobe Acrobat (works in free version).
In software such as MS Word, you only need be familiar with basic layout tools such as insert picture & word wrapping.

This is where we can help you at Stamps Plus. Wherever you are in the world, the solution requiring the addition of a stamp to an electronic document, is only moments away. Please click on the link below to get started right away.
Digital Common Seal Product

Our Digi Seals are ideal for use by Businesses, Body Corporates, Societies and Not-For-Profit Organisations.

Our factory and team of graphic designers work quickly, and you can expect your product within 24 hours weekdays (NZST)
Happy stamping!