Wood Engraved Business Cards

Bespoke, Customised Wood Engraved Business Cards To Add A Touch Of Class To Your Brand!


Make a statement about you and your brand! Most business cards are printed onto paper stock and have nothing more than the basic function of leaving contact details.
All too often, they are left around and then either scanned into our electronic devices or discarded altogether. They are generally unimpressive, which is quite okay if you’re not selling your brand. However when you need to have your brand associated with class and distinction and you can show it even at the initial level of a business card, you’re making a statement; a properly designed wood engraved business card doesn’t just look good, it’s highly functional. These are bespoke items and are obviously not intended for day to day handouts to all and sundry. If you have a distinguished brand, you need a prestigious wood engraved business card.
The timber we use for these wood engraved business cards is pure cherry wood (not ply) with a gauging of 3mm and they are truly terrific pieces! The cards measure 71mm x 40mm and prices vary from $2.47 incl GST per card to $1.82 incl GST per card (one sided), depending on quantities made: Our minimum quantity is 20 cards and no problem at all to feature both text and/or images.

Steps and processes in obtaining your own, distinguished wood engraved business cards.

If you have decided to consider obtaining your own, prestigious wood engraved business cards and have decided that this will work well with your brand, please follow the steps below;

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Quantities (one sided) Price incl GST
20-50 $2.47
51-100 $2.30
101-200 $2.00
201-300 + $1.82
Quantities (two sided) Price incl GST
20-50 $3.74
51-100 $3.46
101-200 $3.01
201-300 + $2.74
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