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As described by the New Zealand Society of Notaries, “A notary public uses an embossing tool (seal) to verify their presence at the time the documents were signed”. At Stamps Plus, we craft custom made embossing/ notary seals from scratch, or manufacture replacement sets. We also supply a variety of the notary seal stickers in various colours and sizes.

When it comes to the issue of ‘design’ and ‘format’ of a notary seal, the only mandatory requirements in New Zealand are as follows; the seal must incorporate the notary’s full name and incorporate the words ‘Notary Public New Zealand’. These stipulated elements are usually found in the text around the perimeter of the seal. In the middle of the seal, an image or motif is usually included too. For the image or motif, so long as there are no copyright laws being transgressed, there is room for some individualism and personal branding. We at Stamps Plus have featured images such as birds, fish, mountain profiles, city skylines and more. When commissioned to craft a notary seal, we usually ask a few questions as follows: Is the person’s personality more conservative or less conservative? Does the person have a favourite hobby, past time, sport, place or image? Once these have been established, it helps our design team to make a few recommendations. Stamps Plus offers a design service to notaries public where the first 15 minutes of design time is done at no charge.

An interesting feature of the notary seals we craft at Stamps Plus is that we do not use any metallic material in crafting the die set. We use a material called delrin which allows for us to exercise even more creativity with our advanced laser engraving technology and which will not tear the paper. The material is highly durable and does not oxidise over time. A short video clip linked below illustrates the process of crafting these unique delrin die sets.

The actual embossing/ notary seal presses we supply are exceptionally sturdy and durable, whilst at the same time a fraction of the weight of the older cast iron versions.

Notary & Embossing Seals.

Stamps Plus offers both a complete service in notary seal design and notary seal supplies. We offer a comprehensive combination of services and supplies.

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