An Ex-libris rubber stamp, sometimes referred to as a ‘this book belongs to’ rubber stamp is a must have for the bookworm or proud book owner.

If you frequently lend out books to friends and family, it is a delightful and tasteful way to use a purpose made rubber stamp instead of scribbling your name somewhere in the book plate. They make really lovely gifts too. If you prefer to personalise your ex-libris rubber stamp and want either the convenience of a self-inking rubber stamp or the nostalgia of a traditional styled wooden stamp, Stamps Plus can help you.

The definition of ‘ex-libris’ according to the Collins online dictionary is as follows; Adjective, “from the collection or library of: Frequently printed on bookplates”. Noun, “a bookplate bearing the owner’s name, coat of arms, etc.” And, according to Random House Unabridged Dictionary, the origin of the word was; “first recorded in 1875–80, ex libris is from the Latin word ex lībrīs out of the books (of), from the books (of).”

Steps and processes in your own ex-libris, or “This book belongs to” rubber stamp.

View our catalogue of formats and examples of ‘ex-libris rubber stamps’ with the link provided below. Some feature prefabricated rubber stamp layouts where you need to simply write in your name in the space provided. Alternatively, you can explain to us what you would like and we’ll craft a fully customised one for you. From the examples you may select from one of them and follow the process online, where you will be prompted to put in your own details to suit your needs. Our Ex-libris Stamps Page.

If you choose instead the route of wanting a fully customised ex-libris rubber stamp, please simply email us outlining your requirements and we will send you a pre-production proof sheet illustrating our understanding of your requirements, free of charge. Please do look at the link below regarding artwork files if you are looking to add images; Artwork Files Guide

Looking for your own inspiration ?

If you’re a calligraphy fan, have a look at the following link, featuring images to inspire you. Google Image Search.

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