There Is No Need To Panic About The Imminent Ban On Single Use Plastic Bags: A Customised Paper Bag Rubber Stamp For Your Merchandise Could Do The Trick For You.

It’s easy to save money and help save the planet by becoming environmentally-friendly, and converting your plastic bag usage for your products into printed paper bags. Stamps Plus can help you!


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has just released an information blog. In this blog, the Ministry reminds the public of the imminent cut-off date regarding single use plastic bags. The blog goes on to share a wealth of information and guidance (see link below). This initiative is a good one, as we all care about the planet we live on. Most of us know by now the absolutely devastating effect single use plastic bags are having on the environment. Interestingly, the four most prolific offenders in the area of plastic pollution are; Plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic straws. Neither you nor we at Stamps Plus can universally solve all of the plastic pollution. However, by changing from plastic bags to paper bags for your products or merchandise, you can indeed make a contribution to looking after the environment. This will make you feel better for doing the right thing, help you meet compliance for government accreditation and reduce your packaging expenses. You could even attract more business as more and more environmentally- savvy folk begin to reward retailers and product suppliers for being environmentally astute. Indeed a great thing and a ‘win-win’ for all!

Ministry of Business Blog

Steps and processes to get you plastic bag free.

When confronted with the prospect of converting from printed plastic bags to printed paper bags, the process can be exceptionally daunting. Typically, one immediately starts to look for plain paper bag suppliers as a point of departure. Then, the process of having your logo and branding transferred onto your paper bags through printers makes the nightmare worse! Offset printers need to make special dies and other printer componentry to process this kind of printing and before you know it, the costs can be exceptionally high. Furthermore, you will be faced with having to have tens of thousands at a time printed by one of our offshore trading partners. Here, the chances of getting things wrong like branding, together with very long waiting periods makes this unattractive as an option at times. If you opt for stickers instead, this will be yet another form of plastic.
What if you had your own printing machine and could solve all of the above problems and achieve the same at astonishingly low entry costs? Well, you can actually! If your brand and/or logo size can be restricted to 125mm x 175mm or less, we’re half there to your solution. Self-inking stamp housings has the largest text plate size set at 116mm x 70mm. If your brand/ logo needs to be larger than that, then we can craft a traditional styled wooden stamp. The largest of the required stamp pads for this sort of application can accommodate a traditional styled wooden stamp measuring up to 125mm x 175mm. To make sense of it all, please use the link below to obtain more comprehensive information. The link illustrates paper bag stamps, (sometimes referred to as logo stamps) with sizing and colour options:

StampsPlus Paper Bags Page

It is both fair and important for us to tell you that paper bag and logo stamps aren’t always the complete solution. If one needs to hand out more than 300 paper bags per day, then offset printing might be a better option. The paper bag stamp is ideally suited to merchants and retailers who typically would need to print no more than 300 paper bags per day.

Some more resources and tips for your journey in getting plastic bag free.

How to make your own paper bags.
For some, this might be an interesting and fulfilling concept. We couldn’t tell it to you better than what is described by wikiHow and have popped in a link below:

• Consider using recycled boxes for your customers.

• Encourage your customers to bring in their own canvas bags where possible.

Steps and processes to purchase your paper bag stamp/ logo stamp from Stamps Plus.

• Try to ensure that the paper bags you purchase for your goods are a plain matte finish and not a glossy/waxy finish. If the latter is necessary, we would need to supply special fast drying ink with the paper bag stamp instead of the standard ink.

• Decide on a size of your logo and/or text to be imprinted onto your paper bag. Try to stay within the limits of size options as shown in our ‘paper bag stamps’ information page shown above. Don’t forget to choose your colour ink too from the colour options available.

• Determine whether or not you will be exceeding 300 bags per day, so that the decision for large scale offset printing can be considered instead.

• Select your size stamp from the options available and linked above.

• Follow the process online for easy, hassle free checkout or email us directly for extra information and help. Please see contact details below, after the heading ‘Conclusion’.


It does not have to be difficult to move from single use plastic bags to printed paper bags for your merchandise. If you follow our steps and recommendations at Stamps Plus, you too could quickly be compliant. You might also enjoy saving money, helping to save the planet and to attracting environmentally savvy customers.

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